Tic Tic Tac Wafer’s Keyboard

As I doused my keyboard with coffee this morning, I am now using my Wafer’s Keyboard for the rest of the day:

(thank you @dave)

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  1. By Breno Pineschi and Rafael Cazes!

  2. I gotta say – your 404-page is really awesome!

  3. Music is ‘Tic Tic Tac’ (Bate Forte O Tambor) by Negritude Junior

    One on my favorite Brazilian tunes.

    Get it on iTunes here:


  4. I like the tic tic tac keyboard…hope yours is fixed soon…that really sucks!!

  5. Great ad. It reminds me of PES’s animation: http://www.eatpes.com/

  6. The Tom Selleck cameo on the left (complete with 80’s leopard print background) is hilarious!

  7. very cool, nicely done, wafers are one of my favorite snacks