Nike x LIVESTRONG | Chalkbot

I would love to have my own Chalkbot and tour Brooklyn with it. Learn more about Chalkbot.

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  1. Ok, but be careful around NYC! The last guy who tried that got arrested.

  2. is it just me, or does that look and feel like the streetwriter from 2001?

    just checked and voilà:
    here’s the pressrelease concerning the NIKE chalkbot

    “Beyond wanting to reassure our friends that the IAA had nothing to do with the Nike project, we issue this release because we are concerned by the corporate appropriation of ‘outsider’ research projects without acknowledgement […] Young people witnessing the Chalkbot on television need to know this was not handed down from a corporate research lab, but was made on nights and weekends by the hard work of people not unlike themselves.”

    just not nice.