Piniwini Bookshelf


Piniwini is a small wall-mounted peg that works like a shelf for books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. The ingenious patented design makes it look as though they are perfectly balanced on top of the peg!

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  1. OK- This is cool. Can anybody tell me exactly how this works? Wondering if it could hold more unusually-shaped things…

  2. For how it works, see the brochure: .. kinda boring once you know it though.

  3. pretty much the same as the Umbra Conceal shelf, just with an addition to the bottom of it.

  4. i love these bookshelves but they kind of make me really nervous too!

  5. there is nothing new ,i suppose

  6. i’m debating whether to click the link that tells me how it works or whether it should stay a mystery to me and give me something to think about while i try to procrastinate/study.

    i did a post about all sorts of bookshelves on my blog a while ago, i find them fascinating!

  7. These bookshelves are great, I like things that are designed with a bit of mystery, it makes the ordinary a bit less ordinary.

    Thinking outside the box, I like it!

  8. I would like to have a few of these. They would be handy for my space. I think I know how they work, but I don’t want my suspicions confirmed. It’s better to not know.

  9. A tad expensive!