The Perfect Brief


Possibly the best Client Letter Ever.

(via @hellomuller)

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  1. This is GREAT|!

  2. Superb!

  3. Well, he sure got what he wanted. I have seen one copy of the original STICKY FINGERS album and it’s one of Warhol’s best achievements (I read somewhere that Stefan Sagmeister thinks the same).

  4. If I’m not mistaken, a facsimile of that letter was published some years ago in a sort of Warhol Box, which contained many other facsimiles of relevant documents in W’s life.

  5. I’d frame that one.

  6. that letter is currently on display at the warhol museum in pittsburgh

  7. Ah the luxury of not having to care about time or money :) Priceless!

  8. i like that …..hehe

  9. “seen one copy of the original”??? aaaack. Some of us OWNED it.

    feeling old………………….

  10. Adorable!

  11. @ ESS

    Who’s Mick Jagger?


    This is it: Andy Warhol Pop Box: Fame, the Factory, and the Father of American Pop Art

    Not expensive and quite interesting as a gift (although the design of the box isn’t great)

  13. Great to get a snapshot of some of the real communication that transpired behind the scenes… interesting also how there was a different version for Russia & Spain

  14. Even after Mr. Jagger’s caution, he put an operational metal zipper on the album cover. Silly Andy!

  15. darling… this is the best post i’ve read in a while!

  16. -…an operational zipper, which ruined the back of the cover of the album in front of it in the shelf. My copy of ‘Goat’s Head Soup’ never really recovered.

  17. is there a list or photos of what was in the two boxes??

  18. Hmm, so the Warhol artwork for Sticky Fingers was originally intended for a hits collection? I guess that makes sense.

  19. THIS IS SO PERFECT. And yes, it would be interesting to see what was in the boxes..

  20. “You can’t always get what you want”.

  21. Yay! I will make a template for my clients with a few blanks. Should work for most projects ;)

  22. hahahaha, wish I’d receive this kind of briefings.
    Mick rules.

  23. OMFG.. That is great.. if only all communication these days came down to that…

  24. Beautiful – what’s he like, Mick – “plse write to me and tell me how much money you want!” What a guy, I think I’d die and go to heaven if a client said that to me. Oh and ps. Do whatever you want.

  25. thanks for your blog, it is reallly nice.