My first PrintSociety purchase


I am thrilled about my first PrintSociety purchase: The amazing Ampersand Print by Conor & David. Make sure to watch the making of video. Did you know: The ampersand was first seen in the 1st century AD and this short text in Irish and English charts its history and role in the English language.

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  1. Great! I’m wrapping it up for you now. We posted it on Print Society having seen the link to them on swissmiss. (There’s a better quality making-of on Vimeo

    . Thanks!

  2. Ha, David, that’s too funny. It went full circle then, didn’t it? Can’t wait for my Ampersand! Might soon be hanging in swissmiss studio! Waving from Brooklyn!

  3. Got this thing on my wall for a few years, still loving it :]

  4. that is so frickin cool!!!

  5. This poster has been on my living room since the SweetTalk organised by Candy Collective And I love it.

  6. Wow, this is very nice!!

  7. Buying from PrintSociety might be great, but actually posting work there sucks.

    I posted photos from a joint business venture my dad and I are doing, and three of them had their listed artist changed from my dad to random people I don’t know. The fact that they even allow certain aspects of the print to be changed by anyone really pisses me off. Their FAQ says that only the original submitter of the print can change the artist, but apparently that’s not true or there is a bug or something because I can prove the prints got their artists changed from my dad to random people.

    Plus, there isn’t a way, as far as I can tell, to remove a single print. I’m having no success trying to change the artist name back, so I figured I could just delete the prints in question and resubmit them. But nope, can’t find a way to delete a single print.

    Maybe Print Society is great for buying art, but it is the biggest fail I’ve seen in a long time for actually selling it. I think I’ll still to the custom site I developed for my business.

  8. I have one of these that David was kind enough to gift me with with when I turned up unannounced in his office one afternoon.

    It is currently the first thing I stare at in the morning and last thing I see at night in the very infequent times I’m at home in Ireland and as such has given me some very odd dreams.

    I’m still convinced Pixar stole one of them for the plot of the movie “Up”

  9. A Print Society rep personally reached out to me to help address some of my concerns, and all is back to normal. I apologize to them and you, Tina, for ranting on your blog.