The Art of the Unfriend


Poking. Friending. De-friending. Messaging. Posting. Tagging. Liking. Ignoring.

frog Senior Interaction Designer Kevin Hutchinson confesses that our social power is evolving due to our presence on online social networks because we are able to find, reach, and communicate with people at a greater speed. But with this new amplified social connectivity comes a new set of expectations for increased engagement. Social networking etiquette is still evolving and it can be difficult to decipher what is appropriate in this hyper-social online space.

Hutchinson believes that, we as social creatures, should take some cues from other forms of communication. You wouldn’t text, call, or knock on someone’s door several times a day to tell them how much you enjoyed what they were reading, doing, or saying, so why comment or “like”, everything they post on their Facebook wall. Right? How does one create social boundaries on their networks and how do we not take it so, er, personally when someone does not befriend us?

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  1. This is an interesting post. Identity is formed during the process of socialization…in the past, this used to be face-to-face interactions but with modern technology, a lot of interaction is done online instead. I do leave a comment when I read a post…because the writer took the effort to write a post…sometimes it is hard when I don’t quite understand the post (cultural differences). It slows down the blog surfing process considerably but I’ve made a few good blog friends through the interactions.