An Apple A Day Poster

an apple a day
an apple a day

I’ve posted about David Weik’s an apple a day letterpress poster last year, and just learned that he came out with a new one, this time in a lovely dark brown.

Here’s how it works: Just peel the little variety sticker from every apple you eat and affix it to a square. Keep it interesting. Try a Belle De Boskoop, a Newtown Pippin, how about a Peasgood Nonsuch, or maybe a Turley Winesap. There’s no shortage of combinations and imagine how good you’ll feel, when, after a years time, you’ve filled each square with a colorful little sticker.

An Apple A Day Poster. Makes a perfect gift. Holiday season anyone?

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  1. ha, you have supercool gift ideas! Great blog.

  2. Simple idea… clever execution. It’s a pity, not all the apples I buy come with stickers on them.

  3. such a great idea and probably it makes life healthier