This morning at casa swissmiss:


swissmiss: “Oh no! G! Come Look! We have a water leak in our bathroom!”
G: “Oy!”

silence, staring

swissmiss: “Kinda pretty, huh?” (snapping photos)
G: “Yup!”

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  1. Looks kind of nice!

  2. It’s not a flaw. It’s an amenity!

  3. you two are SO made for each other.

  4. Lovely!

  5. oh no. instant wall art installation aside, I know this feeling all too well.

  6. Waiting for the soundtracked stop-motion video featuring a pin.

  7. Know any good @plumbers

  8. Oh, yikes. That’s not good.

  9. Beautiful. I’m gonna go home and flood my apartment to see what kinda art it makes!

  10. you better get that fixed asap. after about a month of an increasing bubble that looked quite similar to this… and constant calls to our landlord about it to no sense of urgency… we had to call the Dep’t of Health (in Massachusetts) and they came over and deemed that it was sewage water from our upstairs neighbors toilet… my landlord was ordered to have it fixed within 24-hours.

    it may be pretty… but I hope it isn’t as gross as our leak was!

    good luck!

  11. While I suppose I can’t advocate water damage– this images makes me want to design a child’s room with white bubble pockets on the walls. Simultaneously squeezable and decorative.

  12. :)) Awsome! Water leak Art!

  13. Love it guys, that’s the kind of environment I want to be in.

  14. Careful – that’s what I saw the morning before my whole bathroom ceiling collapsed.

  15. HA! that looks exactly like my living room wall in my loft after the crazy storms we had here in atlanta a month or so ago. except i only have 2 tears. i had to get a stalk of bamboo to burst it.

  16. Like other commenters, I’ve had the same exact problem in my studio. Upstairs neighbor’s sink backed up and poured down my walls. The pockets kept bursting and unloading water all onto the floor.

    Mine didn’t look as nice since my wall was a mossy green at the time and at 5 in the morning it looked like some sort of chemical mess.

    Good luck with the clean-up.

  17. polanski-style. repulsion.

  18. looks like fishbones to me … hope you can solve the problem fast …
    although the fishbones are cool … and also related to water!

  19. We experienced the same thing this week! I popped the bubbles though, as to avoid mold!!

  20. My bathroom has this problem too – since Sept. The landlord only responded once I stopped paying the rent. Hopefully you have better luck with your repairs. And happy to know that others have had the same experience.

  21. Makes me itchy…

  22. this happened to me recently as well and i was also very amused by it!!

  23. Sometimes interesting things show up in the weirdest of circumstances.

  24. we had a house where the previous owner had wanted coloured paint so she mixed Dylon with emulsion and painted the kitchen, every time we steamed it up cooking the walls bled colour, would be good for a horror movie set. Your walls are reminding me of bladderwort seaweed, did you Pop them?

  25. Pretty…and trouble…yet…pretty