Did you know I live in Kansas?

Last night I attended the Parsons Networked Design Talk organized by the Parsons AAS Graphic Design Program in which I am an adjunct professor.

So, picture this: The presentation is in full swing and the founders of BurdaStyle.com are talking about the latest redesign of their site and show a “Persona” that their design studio (Area17) put together. And guess what, the picture on this made up persona is ME! I almost fell off my chair laughing.

It’s quite funny to go to a talk of people you have never met, no know much about and then boom, you see yourself on the big screen. In their Presona Profile my name is Janice Hampton, I live in Kansas, am 42 and am considered a “Life Long Hobbyist”. Oh, and I am a bank teller.

Here’s a picture I snapped:

(One of the designers at Area17 is a friend of mine and grabbed the images of flickr. Exactly what I do when I need to come up with a Persona-Face. Thanks for the laugh, Kemp!)

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  1. Meanwhile, Janice Hampton, a Kansas bank teller, is seeing her picture on some presentation slide somewhere, wondering why they have her name as “Tina,” and why they think she likes taking pictures of bathroom wall water blisters.

    (Cue Twilight Zone music)

  2. It was so hilarious…
    You had to be there to believe it (you also had to be there because it was an awesome talk). In your future when you’re finally 42, you will have at least two kids, who knows, maybe you’ll start sewing as well. About Kansas & this carrier change into banking (with all due respect to your Swiss genes) I’m not that sure…

  3. so funny!