Townhouse Bedside Lamp


Mr. Fries and Mr. Zumbühl in action

Townhouse Zurich teamed up with Zurich based design office Fries&Zumbühl and created this modern bedside lamp. The Townhouse lamp can be set up in three different positions to regulate the light intensity and can thus be used as a reading, mood or night light. Like Japanese Origami the lamp is folded from a singular sheet of metal and held together without any screws. A 2 mm plexiglas is inserted to ensure a soft glow. Manufactured 100% in Switzerland, energy saving bulb included. Design by Fries&Zumbühl exclusively for Townhouse.

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  1. My favourite thing about this post is the photo of the good Messrs. They are enchantment personified. I am feelin’ the love.