Serif Tote Bag


Gasp for air. This Serif Tote Bag is *Brilliant*!

(Thanks Burks)

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  1. That’s so awesome!

  2. fully brilliant!

  3. ok, i like it, but i cant decide if i would like it if i didnt know the name of it. maybe thats just me.

  4. I think I may die…that is divine.

  5. Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy goodness, I most definitely gasped for air when I saw this…total double take. I love!

  6. Ohhhh, this made my day!

  7. That is so deliciously…nerdy.

  8. What a simple… yet powerful design

  9. is this for sale? if it is, i like to order one….. one of a kind…this design is simple but quite awesome….