Typography by Ronnie Bruce

Matias Corea shared this video with us at today’s CreativeMorning:

Poem by Taylor Mali.

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  1. OMG, that was, like, you know, so totally awesome?

    I am enchanted and delighted tho’, for real, and would like to see that poem posted in every classroom in every high school and university in North America.

  2. shame on ronnie for using the foot mark instead of the apostrophe throughout this piece. everyone is so into copying this style.

  3. this made me look as well, not sure where it came from. fyi, i luuuv kinetic typography pieces…


  4. Fabulous typography and poem (and message), even if he DID use the foot mark instead of the typographer’s apostrophe. Hey, it’s the first time I’ve ever forgiven that oversight. Sometimes you’re hip enough—and brilliant enough—not to have to.

  5. using the wrong character is not being “hip”. it’s called either ignorance or someone who doesn’t have a good proofreading eye. i’m surprised for someone who proofreads for a living, final eyes, you find this okay. but i guess if you love something enough, then it’s worth “forgiving” as you put it. personally, i liked the message more than the execution.

  6. Please don’t misunderstand me. What I said (or meant to say) was that the overall brilliance of the video made me forgive the one small oversight. If I had finaleyesed it, I would never have let it go; he would have fixed it; and it would have been a non-issue. Which it should be considering how fabulous the piece was in its entirety.

    How funny that you liked the message more than the execution. If I had to say which I preferred, it would be really difficult. For me, they worked together like hip on hop.

    Cool that you’re as persnickety about the apostrophe as I am. Most people don’t give a damn.

  7. we are a rare breed indeed, final eyes. *sigh* ;)

  8. I was really amused when Matias played this for several reasons; when I was in college I actually saw Taylor Mali perform live (which was brilliant), and then later I did a similar video exercise with one of his poems! Mine isn’t quite as sophisticated as Ronnie’s, but if you are curious, it’s on Vimeo as well: http://www

  9. there was no correlation between the choice of typography and what was actually being said. They haven’t caught the essense of kineticc typyoghraphy at all! It is basically like some one reading a poem without emphasis or enunciation. nice words that’s it.

    good stuff here —-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbMa4MGFCOg

  10. Meryl. I was curious. I thought it was wonderful. As someone who has dealt with type for their whole career (first as a typesetter, then as a typographer, and now as Final Eyes), I know it’s no small matter to create a piece like this. Really fine!

  11. nicely put, bjorno! i felt the type got boring after the first couple of sentences because the treatment was just being repeated over and over again. the fight club one you linked to was nice and fun. as the great designer bradbury thompson said, “type is fun!”

  12. Thanks for featuring my video and for all the kind comments

    And sorry if I offended all you typography pros. This was a project for school. I’ve never taken a typography class in my life.

  13. Well if that’s the case, I’d recommend taking it up more. I’m a typography pro, and you didn’t offend me in the least. I loved it. Everyone else might just be jealous. It’s easy to criticize when you can’t do it yourself.