Wire Frame Letters

Wire Frame 10" Letters

Wire Frame 10″ Letters. Wheeeee!

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  1. Love these, absolutely love them

  2. too bad they’re down to useless letters…anyone else carry these?

  3. oooh I’ve seen these! The possibilities for wall art words is endless!

  4. But they don’t do them in England…

  5. damn. they added letters available…but they’re backordered until march. not the last minute xmas knockout ounch i was hoping for…if anyone runs across another vendor please lemme know…

  6. No numbers?

  7. I love the letter G it’s so pretty

  8. I see they are sold out. I live in S Africa Cape Town and am interested in setting up a workshop for artisans to make them.Would love to create some jobs here, and it would be easy to ship as they are very light. Is anyone interested?