A4 Dinner Plates

Having grown up with the A4 Paper Format, I admit, I do miss it. The A4 piece of paper is the iconic inspiration for this series of porcelain dining ware. True to its roots, the A4 dining plate measures exactly 297 by 210 millimeters across. The sideplate is based on the A5 size (210×148.5) as is the soup bowl. With an A5 being exacly half the size of an A4, arranging the plates together in different ways becomes an art in itself. Portrait dining, anyone?

(thank you thomas)

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  1. That’s funny because when I lived in Europe, that “A” system of paper was one thing I never got used to. The entire time, I missed my US Letter paper. A4 still feels too tall and thin to me.

    As a plate, though, it seems a good idea. That way you can shout to your roommate/spouse “grab me an A4 from the cabinet”

  2. Does anyone knows a online supply?

  3. Just perfect. These have been officially added to a growing list of things that I do not need, but really, really want.

  4. I love these. I’m so much happier working in A sizes now that I live in the UK – I love that everything divides in half – it makes zinemaking so much easier! If I got a set of these, my kitchen counter would at least blend in with the stacks of paper on the desk after a long night of work and hastily cleared meals!

  5. Hi everyone.
    I’m the designer behind these plates, and I just wanted to thank you all for your kind comments. Really makes it worth while.

  6. tina, the best thing would be chopsticks like pencils! that would really rule!

  7. I would love to have these plates at home! I am sure I would be playing with food trying to arrange it in the “proper” format, keeping the margins and stuff…. It will distract me from eating and hopefully I will lose some weight!