Flip Clock Screensaver for Snow Leopard

Many of my readers keep asking me about the screensaver on my monitor on my about page. It’s the Flip Clock from 9031.com, which unfortunately doesn’t work in Snow Leopard. One of my readers, Richard Skinner, pointed me to who went ahead and built the same Screensaver but for Snow Leopard. Yay!

(thanks richard)

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  1. Thanks, Richard!

  2. i was kinda disappointed by my upgrade to snow leopard when i found out my flip screensaver wasn’t working anymore – great to find a replacement!

    donateware *chuckle* +$5.00

  3. i have had this screensaver for quite a while now and i’m still in love with it -it’s great!

  4. Love this! Thanks for the tip.

  5. Ditto on the “Yay!”

  6. Thanks! Long missed… exact since i upgraded to snow leo. YMMD Thanks Tina!

  7. There was an expiration issue. I have just updated it. Please download again!

  8. I’ll have to give this a go. I was so disappointed when I found out that the Mondaine/Swiss Rail Clock screen saver (which, BTW, was the link that helped me first find your website!) wouldn’t work with Snow Leopard.

  9. thank god. i’ve been waiting for this.

  10. already installed it and it works perfectly, thnx

  11. seems like the site is down…just my luck. Any body know where else I could get my hands on this???

  12. @godave

    visit http://shirtmullet.com/flip/ and click on “download now!” – works fin for me

    don’t forget to give a buck (or two)

  13. haha this is awesome. thanks!!

  14. and now it works… grazie sven

  15. Yeah, thanks Richard! Danach habe ich seit dem Beitrag über euch im Schweizer Fernsehen gesucht… Seit dem Beitrag lese ich übrigens auch mit Freude den Blog hier… Hat sich ja geohnt;)

  16. I’m in love with DropClock


  17. Out of curiosity I went out to http://www.9031.com/downloads/ and they do have released a 1.2 version that is indeed compatible with Snow Lep’.

  18. I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it

    I installed it

    And did I mention I love it?

  19. Many thanks. Its great.