Handmade CMYK

Evelin Kasikov, an artist and designer working in London pointed me to her tactile work of handmade prints. I have fallen in love with her handmade CMYK. I am sure this will make printers chuckle.

CMYK embroidery is a hand-made printing process, based on computer generated halftone screens. Images are halftoned according to conventional screen angles: Cyan 105, Magenta 75, Yellow 90 and Black 45. Dot screens are the transformed into cross-stitch screens, printed on paper and marked for embroidery. Evelin uses cotton threads in CMYK colours; the intensity of colour depends on the number of strands used. The final outcome is a printed page created by hand.

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  1. this is really supernice analog

  2. Sweet post about colours creating!!

    Maybe you can help me with something, I need to find out a colour creator for a brand, and he/she should be related with fashion, you may know someone who I can contact with?

    I like you blog very much!