Helvetica Cookie Cutters

Helvetica Cookie Cutters by Beverly Hsu. Yes, these need to get produced. Seriously.

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  1. Having had a few of these, I can say they even taste better…

  2. I want those! They look so delicious both in a direct & typographical way.

  3. These are too perfect. Would make great treats for my type lover friends.

  4. When will they be for sale and where?

  5. That reminds me of a great student work of Leornardo Freitas, from Brazil. He made cookies in the shape of helvetica and ate in class: http://www.anamappe.com.br/blog/2009/07/15/helvetica-cooked/
    I am sure he wished he had these cutters to help! Love it.

  6. I had the Arial cookies and they taste pretty much like these, but scrawny people reckon they can tell the difference.

  7. Good. Freaking. Heavens. Eating Helvetica is something I’ve only DREAMED about… but I’ve been talking to my therapist about it and we’re working through it…

  8. With the current trendy obsession with Helvetica and the rest of America’s trendy obsession with bacon, I’m waiting for someone to do Helbacona (or similar) and get their fifteen minutes of fame.

    You heard it here first!

  9. @Joe. You are handsdown the funniest commenter swissmiss has ever seen. (And the most loyal). Thank you for continuously entertaining me! :)

  10. Thank you, Tina!

    I still have my gold ribbon, btw. I wear it when I walk about town. People look at me odd, but they’re just jealous.

    I wonder what the antithesis of these cookie cutters would be? Perhaps David Carson cookie mix? I would imagine that they would come out of the oven looking all grungy, and you wouldn’t know that they are SUPPOSED to look like that, because the directions on the box are written completely in Dingbats.

    I’ll stop now.

  11. If these ever go into production we promise to stock them. Beautiful.
    The Literary Gift Company

  12. #iwant

    …but I’m concerned that producing these will give someone in Redmond the idea of producing Comic Sans cookie cutters…or worse: someone will bake Eras!

  13. Yummy! Great idea Beverly! ;)

  14. Comic sans!?! >shudder!<

  15. American Typewriter font could be cool…

  16. Could you please source which blogger you found this from?

  17. @Audrey: HowDesign Blog. Just follow the link.

  18. OMG, I want this NOW! Typography + Baking? Wow.

  19. You know what? Get one of those 3D printers, then just render the outline of any typeface. The printer will print that right out, and you can use them as cookie-cutters.

  20. haha, awesome. Would be great as cake toppers…

  21. Do you think it comes in Extra Thin?? ;P

  22. Aw shucks…… I saw the Helvetica (my favourite font) cookie cutters in the Globe and decided forthwith to get some for a gift to a book designer. Guess what? They are not a product and seem not to be available for sale. It should have said! Pure frustration!

  23. you might like “Smilevetica”…

    if you add some red hot dots or some well-placed bits of frosting or sugar, you could get to a Smilevetica cookie :)


  24. Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog and found this . Glad to know that there are other obssesives out there.

  25. David Carson cookie mix!

  26. Need… Need now…