Limited Edition Letterpress Drop Cap Prints

If you like my studio mate Jessica’s Daily Drop Cap and also love letterpress, then this brandnew limited edition print is a must have. Jessica brought one into the studio and it made me gasp! It is amazing! Jessica hand printed these two color letterpress posters at The Arm in Williamsburg and according to her stories it was The Most Painstaking Registration Process Ever. She actually ended up destroying her plates while trying to make it perfect, which means that this small first edition of 75 will also be the last edition. The prints are available trimmed or untrimmed from her store (she recommend trimmeds for mount framing and untrimmed for matte framing). They are printed on Crane’s 110lb Lettra and each is signed and numbered with the note “First and only edition”.

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  1. Oh, how I would love to own one of these, but alas I can’t spare $225 at the moment. That means I’ll have to buy one for $5000 when Jessica becomes even more of a rockstar than she already is!

  2. wow, what a gorgeous print. Beautifully executed.

  3. these are absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Beautiful Poster! I’m gonna have to pick one up for my daughters room.