Start with the doorknob

Liz Danzico liberally paraphrasing Jeff Veen’s approach of starting from the bottom up in the The Art & Science of Web Design.

Start with the doorknob. Once you become a doorknob expert, you can move on to becoming a room expert, a door expert, a window expert. Make connections, and you can become an expert on how public spaces can foster community interaction, or how city design can alleviate congestion.

The Brick Approach on Bobulate.

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  1. This is encouraging for those of us still at the bottom. Thank you.

    (btw: TeuxDeux is brilliant. I’m loving it!)

  2. i think the starting point of every design piece should be the people who will be using it…

  3. Life, design, business… i think is the starting point of many things you do…

  4. The key is actually *seeing* the doorknob.