Passive Aggressive Wi-Fi Hotspots

Passive Aggressive Wi-Fi Hotspots Let Your Networks Say What You Cannot.

(thank you jon)

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  1. Awesome :) made me smile!

  2. omg. that is awesome. I’m changing my WiFi network name to: EnoughWithTheLoudSexUnit307. LOL.

  3. I’ve always used my SSID to promote my website. It works well.

  4. I think mine is currently called “Canttouchthis”, but I think I should be a little bit nicer :-)

  5. Hahaha I love it.
    I’ve had mine set to ICanHearYouGuysFucking since I moved in :D

  6. Soooo funny!!!!!


    So Funny

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  8. best design of the millennium to date…

  9. Haha, thats quite funny!

  10. there’s one in my building (i think) called:


  11. hahahahaha, brilliant.

    if we had one, it would be “2nFlrKidsStopScreamingAt6amIKnowWhereYouSleep”

  12. Brilliant find!

    I should change mine to “ImGonnaMaimURDamnCats”

    But then I’d totally deserve this right back; “TurnURDamnMusicDown”

  13. Spelled wrong – it is Aggressive—- not Agressive,

  14. Thanks Joey. I fixed the typo. I appreciate it…

  15. Keep your neighbours on their toes with ‘Police-Anti-Piracy-Detection’…