Pointing Finger Bookmark

How stinking cute is this Pointing Finger Bookmark?

(thank you stefan)

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  1. very stinking cute i’d say

  2. I think “stinking cute” is also “stinking cute” …. B)

  3. The level of stinkiness depends on where that finger’s been.

  4. this is very funny and actually useful… bookmarks tell you sort of what page but never what line…

  5. ‘Stinking cute’ is cute!

  6. Ha cool, very useful

  7. i want it in every color! :D

  8. So, where can we find them?

  9. bot a couple of piece last year for x’mas at an online store at http://www.shinnpark.com/2009/11/21/bookmarks/

    I can’t find it anywhere else cos the original manufacturer is from taiwan.
    wish the shipping could be faster though.