all occasion cards

Most situations really only require one of the following phrases: “thank you”, “sorry” or “f*** you” Well now you won’t even need to speak. All one need do is administer the appropriate hand letter-pressed card, and it’s stated in style, way cooler than what your mouth could do. Thirty-three of each card in a foil stamped box that reads ALL OCCASIONS CARDS.

All Occasion Cards.

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  1. My best friend had a bunch of cards like this (they were glossy and not as nice as these), and they only said “You are a douche bag.”

  2. If the FONT choices can express the word more, the card will be even better.

  3. i love how elegant they are! thanks for sharing :)

  4. They’re like the BBertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans of the etiquette world.

  5. Letterpressing is not a verb, nor is the machine that one prints on a letterpress, but a printing press. Letterpress is a technique, like offset and lithography. It would thus be better to use ‘handprinted in letterpress’.

  6. I hope to God no one ever uses that third one. That kind of negativity doesn’t deserve the paper it’s printed on.

  7. I have one that says “Stop Talking”. It’s a favorite.

  8. I like the simplicity and the style of the cards. This seems easy so I hope I can also do this in my cardmaking work.

  9. Very clever yet very simple!

  10. Really like the elegant and simple look these cards. We can use these for occasions.