Coffee Table 20

Coffee table 20! Oh, the simplicity.

(via deedee9:14)

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  1. gorgeous!
    (looks a bit like a gigantic airport extreme :)

  2. Its only simple as long as you don’t have to clean the floor hidden under the bottom board. Simplicity should not be achieved by eliminating parts of the program. And cleaning is always part of the program.

  3. Very nice, very nice. I’ll take two ;)

  4. Like that, what sort of size is it? I know there are a couple of coffee cups on it but still hard to tell.

    I’ll add this to the ‘we need one of these’ lists I have going.

    Like the fact that it looks as if its floating, so hit us with the price tag than!

  5. That was cute coffee table and really stylish. I like how it looks.

  6. Jonathan Ive has gone into furniture design!? hah… it does look nice.

  7. It does look like a huge apple time capsule.

  8. Like simplicity. Apple design, as for me.

  9. I just want to flip the top to reveal a large screen…..reminds me of an oversized macbook. Nothing beats a high gloss super white finish totally impractical totally worth it!!!!!

  10. What a great place to put my iPad

  11. that is really sleek! dutch design at its best.

  12. hahhaha and that guy that made it is going to rinse $$$$$$$$$$$$ out of your bank just for someone to come round to your “pad” look at it and forget about it