Stainless Steel Straws

Now these Stainless Steel Straws made me look.

(via stilsucht)

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  1. we bought some of these a few months ago – kiddps love em – plus they never chew them so that they are unusable

  2. I have some of these and I love them. They are much better than using plastic. Plus, they look so nice!

  3. I like the idea of this. Apart from style points, they’re probably much easier to clean (you can stick ’em in really hot water without them losing shape or melting!).

  4. it reminds me of the straws they use in the milkshakes at Max Brenner. my lips get too cold from drinking out of it but they really do look great

  5. What a brilliant idea!

  6. Love them!
    Only thing is they are not as colorfull as the plastic ones….

  7. I wonder if you can link them together to make extra long ones?