Rainbow Pancakes

This is for you Liz and Jessi: YES! Rainbow Pancakes!

(via inspireddays)

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  1. Love it, love it LOVE IT!!! I’m making these this weekend.

    Josh says these look gross, which perfectly illustrates our differences.

    Thank you, Tina!

  2. I’m not sure I can even WAIT until this weekend. Jessi: Perhaps lunch pancakes this week? Tina: thank you!

  3. Rainbow cake is just too difficult, but this? This is perfect.

  4. Awesome- I was really getting sick of muesli for breakfast – this is just what we need !

  5. All you need is a glass of cold, WHITE milk!

  6. or whipped cream!!!

  7. um, SO doing this as soon as possible. This will blow the mind of any toddlers that I might happen to live with. (Also, perfect for LGBT History Month, which started here in the UK today. Whoot!)

  8. Love colorful stuff, but the photoshop just makes it bearable. ‘Cause the thought of eating that much food coloring = um, yuck.

  9. I feel over excited, hungry and nauseated all at once. Genius.

  10. Something terrible :) it’s hard to imagine, how someone could eat these things full of chemicals to achieve the colour. People, wake up and don’t harm your health!

  11. Oooh these are fantastic! I’m going to make blue and “white” ones for Super Bowl Sunday morning! GO COLTS! :)

  12. My friend Amy just ordered some organic food coloring, and we ARE making these this weekend. I’ll take pics!

  13. Oh man, Jessi, I can’t wait to see them. Can you make some extra and bring them in on monday? :)

  14. this is so gross – to feed 6 pancakes to your kid ? should be illegal to put so much food coloring into anyone’s food, more so one’s own kids.

  15. Wow these look so amazing and fun. But I wouldn’t eat it. Well maybe one.

  16. I always wondered … do the blue ones taste like blueberries and the red ones taste like strawberries?

    Would a lemony pancake taste gross. haha

    Thanks for the feature! <3

  17. i love them BUT still kind of afraid to eat them :(

  18. Yummo! And how politically correct – a gay rainbow! Someone should serve these to a republican.

  19. ever since you showed us the rainbow cake I was hooked!!!
    and now rainbow pancakes – YUM!
    – thought you might like color me katie’s idea: http://apartmentdiet.tumblr.com/#363106860

  20. WOW! I am the horrible mother that made these for her children. My kids eat raw, natural, and organic food for 95% of their diet. They take VitD3 and VitC and probiotics and fish oil. They are just really good kids and I wanted to TREAT them one morning. I use GEL food coloring which requires a FRACTION of normal food coloring to achieve the desired results. Spread out over the entire batter, I probably used a total of 12 drops.

    The batter was mostly organic (based on my ingredients) and I added flax seed.

    You do more damage by letting your kid eat french fries and fruit snacks then I did with my rainbow pancakes.

    I am sad to see that people cant just take in a moment of joy and let is sit and warm their heart. Why must everything be a “You Should” or a “You Shouldn’t”.

    Just be happy.


  21. Well said Amanda. You have a great idea that I will be copying for my 3 year old. Thanks

  22. mmmm a stack of those and Judy Garland sining somewhere over the rainbow playing in the background on a Sunday morning…..perfect!

  23. Wow, that’s a really unhealthy breakfast! But I’m not from America I’m from Sweden and we don’t eat a lot of flour and sugar in the morning haha. But it sure does look good and cute! :)

  24. Oh, these are so fun! Love the colors…what kids wouldn’t want those for a birthday breakfast?!?!? Or St. Patrick’s Day….over the rainbow pancakes…how fun!

  25. aw, i want that for my birthday, oo…i m from sweden btw ;D

  26. lol@anyone hating on these for health reasons.. who gives a fuck?

  27. my dad used to put food coloring in our pancakes.. only recently did i find out that when he lived on his own back in the 80s he’d eat pancakaes only for weeks at a time and my uncle said he’d put different colors in each and be like “that one’s steak, that one’s taters” i can garuntee it was somethin in the water, not the food coloring that brought out this particular brand of humor

    ima leave those spelling errors in there for all you closet xenophobes who, if annoyed by food coloring in pancakes for health reasons, probably fucking HATE spelling errors

    seriously this was such a cute thing to do for your kids, shame on you for nitpicking

  28. im not sure i want to eat them, but i want to frame that picture!!!

  29. okay all the followers freaking out about the colours can rest easy there are available natural food colourings derived from vegetables and other plant sources.
    This is one of the suppliers Ifound through google http://www.indiatree.com/products/decorative/natures_colors/index.html you should be able to find a local manufacturer.
    There seems to no shortage of suppliers and all colours are available even the blue colour derived from spirulina I believe. So look out kids there is a stack of rainbow pancakes just round the corner…..enjoy!

  30. These are super fun, I would have loved these when I was little – who am I kidding, I would LOVE them tomorrow morning!

  31. I’m breaking out the gel colors for St. Patty’s Day… perfect with a big glass of GREEN milk!!

  32. Mary poppins sang ” a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine goes down” how true when we are trying to get kids to enjoy the food and not fight with them all the way. I think a drop of colouring can’t do much harm… I’m doing the pancakes this weekend. Hope my two year old likes it!!!

  33. Love this idea! I was going to post a link to natural food colorings to quell the uproar, but someone beat me to the punch (see objectsofwhimsy’s comment above!). So I’ll propose two solutions for those who were grossed out by the sheer quantity of food on the plate in the photo:

    1) Make smaller “silver dollar” pancakes. They are just as delicious as their gargantuan brethren, and they only increase the ‘cuteness’ factor: http://bit.ly/bY1Qhf

    2) Use plastic squeeze bottles to make true rainbow-striped pancakes of any shape and size. One example is here: http://bit.ly/9Isjez

    A pack of 6 squeeze bottles costs ~$5 (http://bit.ly/ckPKaU). When they’re not full of rainbow batter, they are great for storing homemade sauces. And you can get that gourmet effect of smearing a vibrant sauce along the edge of a porcelain plate.

    Now, quit complaining and have some fun next Saturday morning :-)

  34. Ick. Why would you feed those to your kids?
    Little pancakes or not, that’s pretty nasty.

  35. omgosh!! awesome!!

  36. Come on guys, I doubt she serves them up to her kids daily ! ! !
    Looking on the fun side of life how can you not just look at them and think WOW!
    I’m doing these tonight :)

  37. I made these for my kids & my 3 year old old said “aww, how chute!”

    I grew up getting pink pancakes for Valentine’s, green for St. Patty’s, etc. I loved it as a kid. I thought my mom was the coolest.

    Now I’M the coolest mom. Thanks!!

  38. Haha, pretty, but they look like piles of wet playdough! :)

    Not sure I’d feel the urge to actually eat it.

  39. People really found a way to make these pancakes “evil”? I can’t believe people have such miserable, unhappy lives. Live a little. These pancakes are FUN and a nice treat.

  40. This is an awesome and fun idea!! This puts the fun back into breakfast!!
    All of those people with negative comments are REALLY taking life WAY TOO seriously!!

  41. As a mom of two amazing children ho are insanely good all the time… they hardly fight or break anything…it is nice to give them something special every now and then. I personally love this idea of the rainbow pancakes! Who said she gave her kids the entire stack? maybe they picked out their favorite color and ate that one! By the looks of things if shes going to go through all the trouble and mess to make these adorable pancakes for her kids then she is a great mother… i’m sure most of you that are freaking out about the food coloring have had it a time or two yourselves and your all doing just fine..so just enjoy the idea and love behind these pancakes!

  42. I am pregnant. I do not yet have any kids. The first thing a new (in-waiting) mother seems to need to learn is that lots of people get a big high on judging other pregnant women and mothers. Geeeeez!

    These pancakes look excellent (so much so that I am returning to this page after spotting it last week!). If a kid has these once in a while, even the whole stack of them: LUCKY KID!

    Can’t wait for an excuse to make them…off to find my nieces and nephews!




  46. Super Fun Idea!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. The pinners are going nuts about them on Pinterest. :) love it!

  47. PERFECT idea to make for the kid’s breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day! Thank you :)

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