Here’s how fav4.org works:

– Pick your favorite four websites from their settings list.
– Set this fav.org as your browser’s start page.
– Enjoy!

UPDATE: Just emailed with fav4.org, they will be adding the TeuxDeux Icon! YES! TeuxDeux is part of the selection now. Fantastic!

(via @mikearauz)

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  1. Done, done, done and done! Thanks, I love this.

  2. looks wonderfull, thx.

  3. Wonderful blog, I’m a big fan!

    When I saw this post I couldn’t help but have some fun …

    (kind of NSFW for language)

  4. Add TeuxDeux to that fave list!!

  5. Ingenious idea. Google Chrome has really turned me on to the idea of my favorite sites being readily accessible every time I open a new tab. Fav4 might be just the right thing.

  6. there is a firefox plugin called “fast dial” which does the same, but with more options :)

  7. Fav4.org is nice, but there is a slightly more sophisticated startpage with the same basic idea. It has a Google search box and the top 150 links – http://www.zenstart.com