Knot Door Stop

The attentive swissmiss reader in you might notice that I blogged about this door stopper before. (I was bummed when I found out a few months back that DWR is no longer carrying it.) But I just found it over at Haus Interior.

(Added to my ‘wishlist‘ category, which I created for family and friends, who constantly complain, that giving me a gift that they know for sure I will like, is nearly impossible.)

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  1. The knot is called a monkey’s fist. It’s usually made smaller, with a more modest weight enclosed, and attached to a light line for heaving across the water to another ship. The light line is then used to haul larger and larger lines across the gap. It takes a bit of practice, but you can make one in a quarter hour once you get the gist of it.

    Raoul Graumont’s Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Rope Work,, is an bottomless trove of cord lore. Once you’ve mastered the monkey’s fist, try the turk’s head, the bugler’s braid, and, my personal favorite, the indian hackamore.

  2. Dang it! the above beat me to my post about this being a monkey’s fist. I used to use this at the ropes course that I worked at in high school. Really useful knot to know.

    If you search the net, there are some great guides for making this knot. You could easily do make one of these.

    Smaller versions made of p-line make for nice keychains as well!

  3. If anyone in the uk is looking for one, Labour and Wait has them. I would love one but the combination of living in a studio flat and having a dog who mistakenly thinks anyhting made of rope is hers…probably not so much!

  4. i saw this a wile ago and i love the way it looks! so instead of buying one i went to the store got some rope and i learned how to make one! it was fun ^-^

  5. Just go down to the South Street Seaport museum there in NY, and ask one of the sailors to show you how to make a monkeys fist. These knots are actually still in use and very handy.

  6. i was just at the DWR tools for living store in soho, they still have it

  7. Labour and Wait offers the monkey fist doorstop too!

    They have a ton of great items, I want to live in their shop!

  8. You can actually find them in pet stores. My dog Nero has two, one large and one small. Nero loves them, we call them the wrecking balls! About $15.

  9. I’m sorry… this is gross and makes me think of something someone would use to hang themselves…. I would truly want to throw this out the window should I find it in a friend’s house… sorry, but it’s frightening…

  10. Ah yes, the monkey’s fist. Sadly the Navy isn’t using them anymore. Instead they’ve went with plastic orange balls.

  11. Two’s Company also has these and they’re pretty inexpensive!

  12. I saw this exact items in cape cod for 10 bucks and I has spent so much on other beach themed items that I passes on buying it. Needless to say, i regret my choice.