VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron

Last summer, visiting Art Basel, I had the chance to get a tour of the Vitra museum and the various buildings surrounding the factory. And while there, I got to see the VitraHaus by Herzog & de Meuron in construction. Thrilled to see it finished in all its glory now. I can not wait to go and see it in person. Stunning.

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  1. wow — that really is an amazing view!! I love the way the room and view work together.

  2. oh…wow…they’ve finished. Isaw it last summer during the building work.

  3. That is so cool! I visited the Vitra location in the early 2000’s, and was impressed with what was there. Now I have to go back… someday…

  4. I had a chance to drive down and see it in person last week. Although it wasn’t fully open to the public yet (I just browsed the design shop).

    Most definietly worth a closer look. Brilliant design. Inside and out.

  5. Ah!! So pretty!! Love the interior design they did. I want to move in … tonight … !

  6. That is quite breath-taking , both inside and out.

  7. The scale of the building is truly impressive.
    Looking forward to visting again in April when the cherry trees are in blossom. The contrast should be phenomenal

  8. oh cool – I must visit it…

  9. Great photography in the first picture. Terrific blues and yellows.