David Sykes

David Sykes finished his Faux Food series is doing a limited edition print run: 50 prints of each, numbered and signed, due to go on sale end of March beginning of April. (Pricey but oh-so-cool.)

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  1. I love them, but didn’t expect prints to be that expensive.

  2. Call me bias (since I’m related to him ;-), but I think the price point is to be expected.

    He’s a multiple award winning photographer, who’s work has graced the cover of magazines like Wallpaper and Monocle, not to mention billboards around the world. I know for a fact he’s been working on these shots for the best part of a year, it’s been a labor of love until recently.

    I think the archival photographic print you’re getting at the limited run he’s doing are well worth it, if you like what you see.