Stop Honking

As New York bicyclists you are constantly exposed to the noise pollution of honking cars. Make a bold statement with this Stop Honking T-shirt by MyORB.

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  1. Cute idea – but this will incite every lunatic NY driver (in other words, all of them) to honk more (and louder).

  2. YES! (probably won’t help much, but I love it!)

  3. Wouldn’t it be great to have a day when all bikers wear one of these?! Really make a statement.

  4. You KNOW every jerk who sees this is going to honk.

  5. i never honk. for this, i would honk.

  6. What does the front of the shirt say? Start…

  7. oh my god, i love this so much. alex and i wear ear plugs INSIDE our apartment because of all the honking on bleecker!

  8. joanna-

    which part of bleecker? when my wife lived there, it was less about the horns than it was about the drunks singing ‘american pie’ at the top of their lungs inside the back fence!

  9. Love the t-shirt. Spot on message, and it looks good.

  10. This would be a bit cheeky here in Oregon as we don’t honk here. :)

  11. love it – totally useful in hong kong – wonder if it does international shipping though?

  12. I love this T-Shirt, I live in Scotland now but many years ago lived in the States for a few years – I always recognised when I was getting close to NY from Connecticut because you can hear it before you see it……

  13. Hehe, I thought that was just problem in my city. It seems there’re more universal things in the world that we though. Even the annoying stuff :)