Question for my readers…

I just asked my twitter followers if they had any SLR Camera Bag recommendations. I am looking for a SLR Camera bag that can hold 1-2 additional lenses and that is not too clunky, yet stylish!

Wow, the links have been pouring in. As it is virtually impossible to see all replies in one place (unless one uses a distinct hashtag, which I didn’t do) I am asking the same again here. Please add your suggestions below. I’ll make a round-up post later on.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Crumpler 4, 5 or 6 million dollar bag

  2. I haven’t used it, but I quite like the Bowler bag in the Photojojo store:

  3. As I mentioned via twitter: there’s only one company that, _for my tastes_, makes camera bags worth buying: Domke

  4. Kata has a lot of good bags that would meet this description but the 3N1-11 Sling Backpack is nice.

  5. This one has been great. I use it with my D90 and have a 200mm and 50 mm lens. They fit nicely, and I have a ton of room and organization. It’s cheap too… (referral link): Tamrac Explorer 2 DSLR Camera Bag

  6. I guess Lowepro is like that… fastpack series… if you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff that is!

  7. I have 2 Domke bags and love them both. Durable, versatile and I like the look. I’d highly recommend either.

    Smaller bag:

    Bigger bag:

  8. Crumpler Pretty Boy (4000 XL in my case, holds one additional lens)

  9. if you have nikon, this porter x nikon bag is pretty awesome!

    or smaller style here…

  10. Depending on how much you want to carry with you, InCase has two great options.

  11. These are all fantastic suggestions. Thanks everyone! Keep them coming and I’ll make sure to put them all together in one big summary post.

  12. First buy the stylish comfortable to carry bag with a little more volume than needed for the kit. Then add the padding required to hold the kit!

  13. @swissmiss i would look at the epiphanie bags they are nice purses with padding like camera bags via @beyondsnapshots


    that’s my graal. If I just want to carry my dslr with the one lense on it, I take the innersleeve and put it in my handbag.

  15. Crumpler’s camera bags are great & don’t scream “CAMERA BAG.” A friend got one and loves it. 5, 6, or 7 million dollar bag will probably do great for what you need. Great colors, and a variety of sizes too: B&H: and on Crumpler’s site:

  16. I love my Lowepro Slingshot 202!
    Enough space for everything but the tripod… :)
    And the convenient fast access to the camera is great!

  17. Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home or bigger is probably your best choice :)

  18. I recently came across these hand-made camera bags (they call them camera futons! cute, no?) from Japanese company Zakuro: They are made to order (about 85 USD) based on the dimensions of your camera.

    I wrote them up last month:

  19. Two places for bags that don’t look like full on camera bags, but still hold a lot…

  20. I have been searching for a bag such as this for a while….to no avail. Crumpler, even though it’s the bag that looks least like a bag, has a velcro pad that is loud and cumbersome if in a quiet environment and have to reach for lenses. In the end, I settled for a Kata. Easy to find my equipment against the orange nylon.

    Jill E bags, though I appreciate the concept behind the idea of designing a bag for a woman, it’s a little too “mom” looking for me.

    There’s the Shootsac and the Billingham as well…

  21. I’ve been using *emera bags It’s a stylish camera bag. You can put your laptop in it too.

  22. I have the <a href=""Incase Sling Pack which I absolutely love. It is the perfect size, comfortable to wear and can hold all of my accessories.

  23. The Cloak
    never miss a shot! good when traveling

  24. It fits my 24-70mm(in case), 30mm(in case), sb-600 and nikon d40x camera body.

    Unassuming, unpadded, waterproof camera bag :)

  25. I have the Kata 3n1-30 and I really like it. The nice thing is that you can either wear it as a sling or as a regular backpack, so if you need to access your camera quickly you use it as a sling, but if you have to walk a ways, it’s easier on your back to have it as a backpack.

  26. try these bags by Jill E they are designed for ladies, I got one for my wife.

  27. I bought an *emera for my trip to nyc last year … doubled as a carry all as well as camera bag – love it and stylish

  28. I’ve been very happy with Domke bags over the years. Very durable, built for camera gear and slightly stylish…

  29. Crumpler is the best for any case or bag. I and my girlfriend have 7 bags/pouches/wallets from Crumpler and it is just amazing. The quality is outstanding, I never had to return any product or have to worry about some problem…

  30. lots of pros use ThinkTank gear. I do too.

  31. Crumpler again. 4 or 5 million dollar house.

  32. a great site to take a look at camera bags is, you can see the bags in use along with comments by real owners. it’s sorted by type or maker. i hope it will help you make your decision!

  33. For my SLR I have one of these:,2035,4.htm

    Has plenty of compartments – well padded and built quality is good. For this size of kit this has worked well for me. Has a waterproof cover integrated into it as well that is sewn into the bottom and can be taken out of put away really quickly. Not as stylish as some of the other options out there.

    I also use a Billingham (Hadley Range) for my Leica M7 which is a lot smaller. They seem to have added some SLR bags to their line. These are really well made (and pricier). Water, cut and mold proof – the outer material is really durable. Strap lacks some cushioning that are found on some other bags out there. These have a more traditional look about them.


  34. How will I ever be able to make a decision? Who knew that there are *that* many cool camerabags out there? Thank you everyone!

  35. Crumpler

  36. It depends if you want to have a camera bag that is unnoticeable or not. I’m waiting for Think Tank to release the Retrospective 30 which is a very anonymous looking camera bag. It’s big enough to grow according my needs for years and it even has a rain cover.

    If you want something smaller, there’s the
    Think Tank Retrospective 20

  37. crumpler 5 million

  38. I have an original Lowepro Stealth Reporter bag that is all black (including the logo). It’s not stylish, but it is discreet and super sturdy. The newer versions have a bright orange logo which totally negates any stealthiness.

    One option is Domke Inserts You can transform )_any_ messenger bag or tote into a completely incognito camera bag.

  39. Maybe the National Geographic midi NG 2345 bag?

    I have the slightly larger medium size to carry a medium format camera and a slr with an extra lens & other bits and bobs. But the midi size looks enough for a slr with lens attached and extra lens with accessories.


    not sure if they are big enough for DSLR+ accessories… more stylish than functional…

    but they are so nice!


  41. Not sure how much stuff you’ll actually want have in your bag… I recommend KATA’s Sensitivity V bag. Rugged and stylish. I also recommend KATA bags for any other need. They last forever and are of excellent quality.

  42. I’m (n)th-ing the Crumpler suggestion. I have a 4 million dollar home and it’s just big enough for my D80 and one additional small-ish lens. If you want to carry a large zoom and/or a flash, I’d suggest the 5MDH.

    The great thing about the bags is that they’ve got a place for all the little bits and bobs, and your gear is really well protected. As a bonus, they don’t look too much like a camera bag.

    If you buy local, make sure you check the difference between older and newer version bags. Newer ones have fold-out flaps to cover the velcro for quiet situations. (I’ve seen the velcro described as ‘space-time fabric ripping loud.’ I agree.) They’re also a little roomier.


    The “Lowepro Stealth Reporter” has it all, functionality, understated style and usability.

  44. Crumpler 5 MILLION!
    …just perfect

  45. wow, great suggestions. I love the Bowler camera bag. Totally bad ass for a camera bag (and totally swiss miss colors). I will have to look into these bags for my wife. I like Epiphany and Kelly Moore as well.

    Cheers Hans (sorry for not productively adding to this collection)

  46. crumpler 5 million dollar bag is awesome.

    it’s stylish and it doesn’t look like a typical camera bag so it doesn’t scream “steal me.” it’s not the biggest bag in the world, but it’s perfect for a SLR, an extra lens and a flash.

  47. Etsy is a great place to look.
    I have a couple sellers bookmarked for when I can save up the money:

  48. I wanted something ‘non camera baggy’, so I made inserts for a ‘vintage leather camera bag’ mimicking the style of padding/inserts that come in normal camera bags. I don’t carry around multiple lenses so I don’t have the inserts posted, but I did create one with stick on velcro attachments as well. Fully customizable!

    Here is a how-to:

  49. Get a Tamrac Velocity 7 — it’s practical, inexpensive, out of the way (sling style) — wears like a pack (carry some serious weight if you want to), but instantly available for use. I’ve got five bags, and this is the one I actually use out in the field.

  50. Pardon the shameless pitch, but collecting all those links you get back as replies is exactly what ThinkTank was designed to do. Maybe give it a try?

  51. @anil ThinkTank link isn’t working here.

    Another shameless pitch, but some of our favorite DSLR packs:

  52. Some fab suggestions, thanks.
    I’m interested in one of Infusion’s camera bags for exactly the same purpose. Haven’t bought it yet, but it looks great and they create made-to-order if it isn’t quite right.

  53. really though, the bowler bag looks wonderful. anyone used one?

  54. Maybe not *quite* what you we’re thinking of, but if you ever need to carry your laptop along to play when you take pictures…,1922,16.htm

  55. I’m a big fan of not being attached to one bag, especially since I travel, commute to work and hang out at the beach with my camera. So I’ve discovered these awesome electronics cases that you can slip into a bag you already own.

    Eagle Creek:


    Before I found these I was always left struggling with 2+ bags, a camera backpack and a backpack, when I traveled.

  56. My husband got me one of Mountain Gypsy bags for the Holidays, it can hold two lenses as well as a camera. Or it can hold a camera, two sketch books pens enough for myself and my son, as well as phone wallet and keys and possibly a light sweater. Basically we live out of the bag.

  57. I’m coveting one of these Janine King DSLR bags:

  58. For a slick designer bag for your additional lenses while you shoot — should check out shootsac.


  59. I’ve got two Courierware Incognito bags, the Medium and the Mini. Awesome stuff!

  60. I like my National Geographic medium shoulder bag. It’s nice because it has space for a laptop, and doesn’t look like a camera bag.

  61. As mentioned above, Crumpler is the brand to go… lots of styles to choose from and unbelievable quality. Recently they’re adding non-velcro based bags to their EU line-up, mostly with zippers, didn’t check the american site yet.


  62. one that fits your SLR camera ;-) i wish i had an SRL to buy a bag for!

  63. Have you considered getting a backpack? I used Beseler Sedona for a while and they are quite awesome

  64. I would go see them for yourself at B&H on 34th … plus if you see one you like you can buy it right then and know you’re getting the best price. I saw several nice options there within the last year …

  65. Hey! I could sell you my LowePro SlingShot 100 AW since I am selling all my camera gear

  66. Just bought this: Lowepro Primus AW.
    For me it is great to be able to carry around a lot of different lenses and still have room for other stuff.

  67. I really can’t recommend Crumpler bags highly enough – they are so well made and come with a life time guarantee. I have a 5 million dollar home, enough space for my dslr (canon) plus two lenses or one lens & a flash.

  68. crumpler pretty boy xxxl

  69. oder aber ein burton zoom backpack 28l for more equipment

  70. I tried several side slung bags, but the weight eventually just put me off carrying the camera! so now, I use a Dakine bag with a waist strap and its revolutionised my carrying. No more sore shoulders which was really getting quite annoying. They have some pretty geeky crazy patterns (but also plain black). Only drawback is that they aren’t as accessible so you can’t just whip it out -quite- as easily as if it was in a side slung bag. so I got a handbag the camera will fit into at a stretch for those kind of moments, but the rest of the time its feeling weightless on my back.

  71. Billingham Billingham Billingham. Once you use one you will never go back to a nasty nylon, dubiously “urban styled” monstrosity. Also, they last forever and don’t scream “CAMERA – STEAL ME!”

  72. LowePro SlingShot 200 AW

  73. Check out Ketti Handbags. She makes super cute but functional camera bags that don’t look like obvious camera bags! She uses lots of fun geometric fabrics, too.

  74. lowepro. trust nothin else.

  75. I have a Timbuk2 Laptop bag thatI convert to an SLR camera bag when I carry my Nikon D60 and lenses. It is a simple add-in, is safe for the camera, and just looks like the messenger bag.

    Something similar to this: , converted with this divider:

  76. I have the Lowepro Slingshot 200AW which holds my DSLR with shorter zoom, long zoom, and flash. I love the sling design, much easier on my back (in longer hikes/walks/city strolls). It also swings around to the front for quick access to the camera. Maybe not as “pretty” as other bags, but it works wonderfully for me.

  77. Go with the classic Domke bag, it’s still the best all around, day to day bag.

  78. You can try Isn’t a professional bag, but is stylish and easy to carry around.

  79. In my opinion, camera bags are crap. Besides being expensive, they usually have no decent back support system and/or no carrying system made for long time haulin’. Get a really good daypack, preferrably one that is split in the middle with a bottom portion, You can then line the bottom half with foam from the DIY store. Camera goes in the bottom, lenses up top.

    Your back will thank you. Just my $0.02.

  80. I love the Domke digital satchel–small enough but big enough. Very durable–I did switch the strap to a Timbuk2 strap that has that great buckle you can adjust while it is on you. Here is the link:

  81. Oh the Domke digital satchel doesn’t LOOK like a camera bag which I like because in NY who wants any one to know you have an expensive camera in your bag!

  82. oh, another thing about bags which have a snowboard carry, really good for carrying a tripod too!

  83. Brand new company making fabulous and gorgeous bags that are completely disguised. Excellent materials. Support small business!

  84. I just bought a DSLR, and this post is a camera bag recommendation goldmine. The Crumpler bags have a nice selection, but I can’t fall in love with the logo. Domkes are nice, but they don’t hit a home run in the unique dept. So far, my favorite recommendation is the vintage leather bag converted to a camera bag. Let the secondhand search begin!

  85. Crumpler 4 Million $ house.

    Best bag ever.

  86. big fan of the Domke bags. bunch of different sizes. durable. not bulky. have a cool old-school photog feel.

  87. I use *emera and shootsac and love, love, love them both!

  88. crumpler 5 million dollar home. Small enough to not be bulky / in the way, but large enough for camera +2 lens, or a lens and external flash. Super durable as well.

  89. +1 for Crumpler 5 MILLION

  90. There are a lot of Crumpler recommendations here and they are well made BUT, you should really try one out before you commit. (Also, they are often on sale too so, if you wait, you will pay way less as they are expensive otherwise.)

    One problem with the Crumpler bags mentioned is that the shoulder strap is permanently attached and quite wide and bulky. If you want to adjust, change, or even remove the strap, forget it.

    I don’t know about the newer models but, on my 4-6 million dollar models, they used a GIANT sheet of velcro to secure the top flap. When you open the bag it makes a noisy velcro sound! Useless to be discreet. Also, it does not zip up tight. Lens caps and small stuff can get out and water and dirt can blow in.

    Also, the Crumplers look, well, crumple-able, but they are actually quite well padded and reinforced. Also, the colors look good but, in 3 years, do you really still want a bright green and yellowish tan camera bag? Maybe black, tan, or dark grey would be best.

    The other bag mentioned is Domke. This bag is unique in that it as no padding at all. I like at least some basic padding. Also, it uses quite beefy metal clip clasps. But they flail around if not secure and if you are not VERY careful, they WILL hit or scratch your camera gear.

    I think the best small camera bag is a back pack. It zips up, offers at least some rain protection, and is easier to walk with. Lowe Pro is all business. They sell some small back packs as does Tamrac. Not that I am not referring to the funny tiny back packs nor the larger pro packs that hold a bunch of lenses. These are the packs that hold a DSLR with a lens on it plus 2 or so other lenses and maybe a flash or grip. At most.

    I have an older (and simpler) version of this one.
    The camera gear is in the bottom and the top can be used for water, food, and other “travel” stuff. Tamrac also makes one like this.

  91. wraps. throw them in any bag you want. there are lots of neoprene lens holders etc. out there. i use an artisan and artist hassy wrap to hold a group of several lenses, which are wrapped separately in domke wraps. For my camera I bought a Rina case from Artisan and artists. I think this was made for a Leica. I have a smaller rangefinder type camera. Panasonic gf1 and small voitlander lenses- perhaps large SLR equipment needs more than that.

  92. I needed a slim bag that would fit my laptop, d300, 70-200mm, 17-50mm, and a few primes. I wanted a bag that didn’t scream “photographer”. Having gone through a number of Lowpro/Crumpler/Think Tank bags I eventually ended up with a Tenba Messanger bag for day to day use:

  93. I use the Lowepro Slingshot bag 202 AW. I usually carry a Nikon D90 with 17-55mm f2.8 long lens attached, a separate 50mm lens, a Nikon SB-600 flash and SB-400 flash, an iPad, chargers, lens cleaning kit, extra batteries and SD cards, cables. The bag includes a rainproof cover and you can attach a tripod to the exterior.

    I like that the bag will sling to the front with one gesture, allowing me to quickly change lenses without taking the bag off my shoulder.,2192,4.htm

  94. I have a Tenba Messenger I use the most. Removable padded insert, laptop sleeve, good storage options, very rugged. Favorite feature is the full length zip on top that lets you access your camera without ripping velcro or unbuckling straps. I love this for travel/urban photography, as you can keep the camera in the bag until you need it.

    Downside…. The looks. Pretty boring and standard. But functionally is fantastic.

  95. What about the Lowepro Classified 160 AW?
    I should receive mine in a couple of days… in sepia, of course. :-),2121,20.htm

  96. You absolutely must check out Timbuk2’s new snoop camera messenger! Everyone knows Timbuk2 makes the world’s best messenger bags, and the world has been asking them for a camera bag for years. It’s finally here! Check it out:

  97. at the moment we’re working on a new one (self-made)
    but for now:

  98. My non-bag carrying partner just got a Pinestone and hasn’t put it down since…

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