Take-out lids

Simply beautiful in its simplicity: Taket Out Lids Collage. From a Flickr set by sarcoptiform, courtesy of Shawn Wolfe. Part of a series.

(via murketing)

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  1. I always loved playing with the ones with punch buttons when I was younger.

    Let’s be real, I still do.

  2. how fun! i love this collage.

  3. Funny Garbage did something like this for the old Specht Harpman site.

  4. I’ll never look at my deli coffee lid the same way.

  5. here’s an article by Harpman & Specht from Cabinet magazine (fall 2005) with similar collage: http://www.cabinetmagazine.org/issues/19/harpman.php

  6. Reminds me of Jack Clements piece in MoMA’s permanent design collection:

  7. Interesting how ordinary objects like these plastic lids can take on a personality all of there own when looked at in a different light.

  8. You really need a Solo Cup Company Traveler Plus in that mix, it’s like the Mercedes-meets-Rube-Goldberg of coffee cup lids.