swing necklace

Balançoire (Swing) Necklace by Calourette.

(via designformankind)

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  1. charming!

  2. Hello Tina,

    Love the swing necklace and your blog. I heard you being interviewed by Nora on Spark recently. Can’t recall when the original broadcast was made as I was listening to the podcast version – great show.

    I’ve enjoyed your pieces on playgrounds too. If you have a moment, check out my blog – PlayGroundology http://playgroundology.wordpress.com. It’s all things bright, beautiful and sometimes tarnished about playgrounds. I haven’t done a tarnished piece as yet.

    The first post – Manhattan’s Bronze Guy – may be of interest to you for a family outing. Perhaps you’ve already been. I’m looking forward to visiting it someday as well as some of the other great places I’ve come across.

    I’m putting a personal work out with teuxdeux on my to do list. We’ve got lots of to dos every with 3 kidlets under 5.

    I’ll be coming back more regularly to your space.

    Alex Smith

  3. Hi,

    charming neclace. You could also check out http://www.hairysock.com/things/type/necklaces/index.html

  4. Love the concept! : )

  5. Hi
    Firt i thought this was a big joke but it looks like it isnt i think that its a great idea now i have to go and have a look at your site to see what else is there.

  6. i love the swing necklace

  7. What a gorgeous creation – is it available for sale, or for artistic viewership only?