We have a strategic plan…

Kyle Van Horn got inspired to print the below poster after he saw the quote on my blog. I love creative chain reactions like this! Yay Hooray!

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  1. How random. I went to high school with Kyle.

  2. You are *THE BEST*!

    Thank you thank you! And thanks to everyone who purchases – it’s all going to a really good cause!

  3. Awesome! This will look great in my new office. Great motto for work.

  4. Wow! That was fast! Talk about doing things… Impressive.

  5. I LOVE this poster! So excited, just purchased it. It’s going to look great in my office ;-)

  6. Yeah, Kyle! Awesome job.

  7. Hi Tina,

    I hope I can use this as my computer desktop background, for free!
    BTW, Your blog is good to the eyes, and to the mind.

  8. Dear Hari – Please go right ahead! There is a larger version available here.

  9. Ordering mine now! I’ve never seen anything so perfect.

  10. Kyle van Horn! Nothing I love better than seeing classmates show up in blogs I read. :) Nice work!

  11. Love the poster, may I suggest Jonsi – Go Do as a song to play along with it.

  12. Dear Kyle, when I see it on my desktop while starting the day’s work, and every time I see it, it feels good..

    The message from Herb is simple, and the combinations of colors on the poster look so apt!

  13. what a great poster!! love it

  14. Awesome poster, I want it now!!!!

  15. BRAVO !
    what’s the font ?