Colleen & Eric

This bookshelf called Hold On Tight by Colleen & Eric took my breath away. It comes with an integrated bookend (a cube with an oversized wing-nut that you can loosen and slide on a track to make room for more books). It’s minimal and brilliant. Make that cube white or red and I am in heaven.

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  1. This shelve is amazing. Want one. Need one.

  2. This was one of my two favorite pieces at BKLYN Designs this past weekend…especially with the turquoise cube. Beautifully simple.

  3. I’m sure if its just a wing nut you could probably just take it off along with the cube and paint them red or white ;)

  4. Very clever and rather beautiful.

  5. A very simple and elegant solution to a common problem—love it.

  6. I relly like the simplicity of this thing. :) szucs

  7. Thanks for the link to our post, Tina! the wing nuts/cubes actually come in custom shop-sprayed colors…so you can definitely have your red or white cube…:) And the wing nut is super fun to play with – it moves so smoothly…

  8. way too cool. now, where can i fit that?

  9. Brilliant ! also, I think the designers seem pretty darn cool too. *a

  10. Colleen and Eric are geniuses. You should see their “Northstar table”. It comes with a surprise!

  11. Now THAT is useful and clever I have to say.