Big Book of Small Spaces

Our little family had the pleasure to take part in Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s latest Apartment Therapy book project: Big Book of Small Spaces. During a photo shoot last year they captured our bedroom, home office and Ella’s bedroom. (above)

I was so excited to see the final product, having heard so much about it! The apartments they feature are truly inspiring. Wonderful to see how everyone embraced the challenge of ‘small’.

The inspiring book is coming out this week! Yay!

You can preview the book here.

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  1. Wonderful page layouts. BTW, where’d you get that bunk bed?

  2. Hey, that is so awesome! Congrats!

  3. ikea bed… my kids have too

    but ellas bedroom look suspiciously tidy…

  4. Got to be useful for ideas for sure.

    Even when you live in a bigger space, especially with children, it can be very easy to start ‘filling it’ and using space unwisely.

  5. Mir gefällt das Regal deiner Tochter super gut.

    Kann man dieses auch in der Schweiz kaufen?

  6. Lili, I don’t think they make this particular shelf anymore, but this one is similar. Maybe you can find it in Switzerland:

  7. Was trying to find these pics to put in my new phone as inspiration. I. Had no idea that both bedrooms were yours! We obviously share the same taste!

  8. Also I love the stove and wanted to make something similar, but was worried about space. Never thought to fit it in a cubby. Love it!