Inspired by their previous experiment with paper signs, the guys of Aesthetic Apparatus decided to take the plunge and print actual plastic window signs. According to their site they are shiny and smell like a brand-new Barbie doll ass. Available for sale singularly or as a set of four.

Yep, made me smile!

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  1. :) Spread the smiles! -So much funner than the status quo.

  2. Barbie doll ass?

  3. Reminds me of many years ago when I was driving my younger brother to a store he wanted to go to. When we got there there was one of these signs in the window that said CLOSED. But he said, hopefully, “look there’s something written above it real small.” I couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of a sign on an open store saying “we’re not CLOSED”.

  4. Yes, “Barbie doll ass” is the new car, toy, plastic smell you get when those things release chemicals (VOC’s) into the air. The plastic signs are fun to look at but not too fun for the environment.

  5. Anybody know the name of that chiseled looking font?

  6. Ah ah : ) “Sorry we’re sorry” it’s like an infinite loop of sorrow.

  7. Total rip-off of Adam McEwen, Untitled (Sorry) and Untitled (Closed), 2003, installed at The Wrong Gallery!

  8. Anyone know the font ?