amazing use of space

Porter Fanna Architecture has an impressive 505 sf loft apartment in their portfolio that made me look. They definitely thought of everything to make this small space work. Oh, did we mention they have a little kid? Hidden computer desk, built-ins that also serve as staircase to the loft bed, hidden toy storage, crib in a walk-in closet etc.

Impressive! Check out all the images here.

(thank you marc)

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  1. Wow! It’s harder to decorate in a tiny space vs. an expansive one. Great job!

  2. That is an AMAZING space.

  3. This is inspiring! We are preparing to move from a 1500 sq ft house to a 700 sq ft apartment so seeing stuff like this makes me believe we can make it work! THANKS!

  4. Whoa, chock full of ideas!

  5. Good find, that place looks really awesome.

  6. No handrail for the stairs to the loft bed?

  7. Does seem safe to have the child’s play area raised with no railing. Otherwise, an interesting space.

  8. I meant to say DOESN’T seem safe to have the child’s play area raised with no railing.

  9. If I’m not mistaken, this loft is currently on the market!

  10. If I’m not mistaken, this gem is currently on the market!

  11. You should have a look at this! This Hong Kong architect turns a tiny apartment into 24 Room. Pretty amazing.

  12. That is awesome. I think more and more of us will be living in smaller spaces in the future; it’s nice to be inspired by a bit of clever spatial thinking.

  13. railings are needed not only next to the children are, but stairs to the bed as well. imagine, you climbing up those when drunk…

  14. At first I thought, this is a single apartment. But then I found the nursery. This place was used optimally. Thanks for the good picture!

  15. Elaine: (June 9th 1:24 pm)

    Thanks for sharing the Hong Kong apartment. Absolutely amazing.


  16. The rug, plants, and lighting keep it looking more homey than I would have imagined!

  17. The seating is indeed something quite unusual with the

  18. Yep, amazing use of space, but all I can think about is the treacherous path the sleepy parents have to take to get their crying baby in the middle of the night. :O

  19. thanks for this wonderful article, I never thought it could be possible to user living space so effectively, I will write about it in my interior design blog.

    best regards

    Andreas from wohnmag