Andy Murray Tennis Street Magic

Andy Murray brings his tennis magic to the streets of London in preparation for the 2010 Wimbledon tournament. You can download the song for free at

This made me realize HOW MUCH I miss playing tennis. #mustfindapartner #mustmaketime

(via ideasareawesome)

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  1. frigging brilliant… nothing else to say

  2. I’ll play tennis with ya’ anytime!

  3. That’s excellent.

  4. i was also going to say that i’ll play tennis with you. i’ve been playing every now and then on the courts at fort greene – acceptable conditions.

  5. Wow!!!
    That makes me want to learn how to play tennis :)

  6. how funny would it be if we ended up starting a swiss-miss tennis group out of all of this!

    i can see it now – semi-regular tennis meet-ups for the next year… and then, suddenly a swiss-miss all-star tennis team that takes on other design houses and creative agencies in the city… followed by accolades and glory, wtih a trip to the french open years down the road, when our offspring have inherited our roles and taken it to a new level.

  7. @Chrsitian, that’s what I was thinking. We should totally start a tennis group. I am game! If you’re interested in playing with us, email me with the subject line “Tennis”. I’ll see how many people we get together and organize a venue/place/time.

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