Write by hand on your computer! Go to www.pilothandwriting.com, turn your handwriting into a digital font and send handwritten e-mails to your friends.

(via cameronmoll)

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  1. that is fun. I just tried (as I’m sure most of us did), it is a bit finicky and you really need to take your time to write the letters in the right size (which is much larger than what I usually do and so it looses little bit of my actual style). Really cool idea though.

    Now, if you could only get the font sent to you to be used as an actual font on your computer… golden.

  2. Very nice idea!!!

    But with @Hans idea is still better :)

  3. You can create your own fonts and use on your computer here: http://www.yourfonts.com/

  4. I tried this and the website let me get all the way through to creating and saving a font (which took a good 20 minutes), then would not let me send any messages with the font because “the font does not belong to me.” No idea what went wrong here, but it seems a bit shady (not that I can see how the Pilot company would be getting any benefit from my
    so-so font).

    Just letting you all know so you can avoid this mild disappointment. :(

  5. I had good success setting everything up. However when I started to compose a letter, there was a space between each letter which makes it difficult to read.
    Does anyone have any ideas to correct this?

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