Living on Airbnb

What a fantastic idea: Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb decided that he will live the remainder of 2010 on Airbnb. He will stay 2-3 nights in homes and apartments on his website, across San Francisco. Originally he wanted to stay in every place available in SF on Airbnb. But, with 650 listings, that would take him a couple years. Still, by Christmas, he will likely break a record for living in the most homes in a single city. The benefit is clear; the best way to make a great product is to design something for yourself. By using Airbnb everyday, he will get to know the product and the people like never before.

So, he is either a homeless entrepreneur, or a guy with 650 homes in San Francisco. Depends on your perspective.

Blog Post about his journey: Living on Airbnb: Day 1

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  1. interesting! thanks for sharing! i’m going to follow along.

  2. Ever since I came across this AirBnB I’ve been toying with the idea of taking a two week vacation on the west coast with no place to go and no real destination. Just two weeks on the road and arranging my sleeping via AirBnB and getting to meet new people along the way. Ive seen beautiful homes among great places and even on boats. Im gonna make this a reality.

  3. Hey guys,

    thought you’d like to know about my new site

    It’s similar to the above but we aim to link people through their friends and interests. It’s all well and good staying with someone but isn’t it better to stay with someone with a shared interest – like design?

    AirBnB is a great site but the world is big enough for us too :o)

    Cheers, Pete

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