“a” stool

Chris Jackson of Hastell.com designed this “a” stool. It’s a Helvetica LT bold lower case ‘a’ stool. Pretty cool, no?

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  1. I would really like a “b” but I suspect the ascender might land me in the hospital.

  2. bb beat me to it. i was wondering what letters they painfully tried before settling on the “a”. :P

    although, a “b” might be comfortable if you used the ascender to lean your back on.

  3. This is great. An “s” would work too.

  4. great, only it looks to me more like Arial then Helvetica

  5. Interesting blog, very inspiring and fun! thanks for the nice work

  6. it may be a lower case helvetica “a” for the reason that it is one of the most distinguishable characters. also i personally think it is the most beautiful.