I wonder what our upcoming CreativeMornings speaker Rolf Hiltl thinks of this idea of using iPads in a restaurant as the menu and to put in your order.

(via @roitsch)

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  1. My rule of thumb when travelling is “Never go to a restaurant that has pictures on the menu” or “that uses a gadget to entice people into the restaurant”.

  2. Maybe you’ve made a mistake

  3. that’s was really cool, the right way to use technology….

  4. As long as restaurants are mindful of the unappetizing harsh blue glow that dozens of iPads would create at night in an otherwise warm and cozy atmosphere.
    Aside from how much I hate digital screens at a dining experience, there would be great potential for features that sync with a customer’s iPhone. Such as paying with your iPhone or with a plugin credit card reader, or downloading your meal’s details to your iPhone, or emailing it to yourself to remember for next time or share with friends.

  5. @Tom – Many of my favorite restaurants have pictures somewhere on the menu. You’re missing out, sir.

    My rule of thumb when traveling is “Don’t go to a restaurant that’s also within 50 miles of my house.”

  6. uWink did this 10 years ago.

  7. uWink is sooooooooooo fun!

  8. When I was waiting tables, I always had tables that insisted on keeping the menu, so they could keep looking at it, and inevitably covered it with food. Soooooo yeah.

    Also, that s*@# is getting stoled.

  9. I’m a little bias, as we developed the system. But the food they serve is fantastic, they’ve got everything from Asparagus Fries right through to Blue Eyed Cod…


  10. i’ll take my menu to go please… :P

  11. My husband was in China and a swank restaurant had the iPad in service as a menu about two days after the US release.

    For that context, it set the right impression. In the US or Europe, I wouldn’t be dazzled.