This Mother Child Bag is ingenious. Parents of little ones know that sometimes they just don’t want to hold your hand, but they might be totally into holding on to their very own special pink (!) handle on your tote. Thumbs up! Excellent idea!

(via minordetails)

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  1. It seems like a marvelous idea!

    However, the only foreseeable issue would be that of a lack of security. If Little Bobby sees a stuffed dinosaur he wants and lets go of the bag to go grab it, it’s a lot easier to get lost than if Mommy has to consciously let go of his hand as well.

    Adorable design though! I want one, and I don’t even have a young ‘un!

  2. I love this! What an adorable idea.

    I know for a fact my son would have loved this a couple of years ago .. sadly at six years of age I suspect he’s slightly too old now.

  3. Not sure if my son would hold on to his handle for long, but I love the idea and the thought process!

  4. This looks so beautiful. Very nicely done. I love this.

  5. It’s lovely and smart – but where are the father-child-bag?

  6. Katrina – this is exactly what I wanted to ask :-)

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