Dedo Message Board

Gonçalo Campos pointed me to his most recent design called Dedo Message Board. It put a big smile on my face and know that my long distance roomate BB would sure get a kick out of this. Dedo Board let’s you leave messages and play, just by simply dragging your finger trough the fur you leave a trail, a drawing. Oh, how much fun could be had with this. Tempting.

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  1. Kinda grosses me out.
    Can you vacuum it?

  2. Brilliant!!
    Ne voglio assolutamente una!!! :)

  3. What a nice and simple thing. And easy to build on your own. Probably I have to try this. Could be a nice present for myself… Nice Idea!

  4. I hope it’s not real animal skin!!! :)

  5. phew! and not functional -really…