Sewing Kit Wall Sticker

Our four year old Ella is all about scissor papercutting these days. This Wall Sticker would definitely mess with her head. I could see her look at this and go, ‘but mommy, how should I cut this?”

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  1. The wall sticker is called Sewing Kit not Sewing Lit :-)
    The sticker is designed by ferm LIVING –

  2. When I was in my cutting-and-making-stuff stage, I was at my little Catholic grade school, St. Malachy’s – a local company used to donate big wallpaper sample books. They were the BOMB. So many different types of paper to cut and make stuff! If you can get your hands on a few, Ella will have a blast.

  3. Gah! I want this for my new place :) Love it.

  4. oh i love this…
    great idea!

    love from amsterdam

  5. I like the idea, but not convinced it actually looks that nice.

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