Rain Level

This is one of these ‘why didn’t I think of this’ moments. These rain level boots are brilliant and put a huge smile on my face! Please make a kids version. I’d love to ask our little Ella how deep the puddle is she is about to jump into!


(via zsymon)

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  1. These are a superb idea… they put a smile on my face as well… thank you.

  2. Those would be fabulous in Venice!

  3. centimeters are so much more impressive than inches.

  4. Judging by the ruler, dry ground is at -7cm or so.
    Would it have been so hard to do it right?

    Ella deserves a better introduction to measurement!

  5. I’m so sad. You can’t get them in the US!

  6. I had the kids version as a child 35yrs ago! I still love them! The top two measurements read “wet sock puddle” & “mummy will be mad puddle”.

  7. would be very useful in venice!!

  8. They’ll want to make sure these are well promoted in Vancouver

  9. Awesome!! perfect for rained out festivals and the wildly inaccurate tales you tell afterwards..(“It was THIS wet!!”)