Try Not To

THIS YEAR I WILL TRY NOT TO was born out of frustration, complacency and laziness. Most designers are seduced by design trends. They’re easy to appropriate, and even easier to imitate. The challenge is to innovate. To be new. Elliott Scott and Christopher Doyle decided the best (and most enjoyable) approach was to identify and document the most common trends they felt they had to avoid. Before long they found themselves with a checklist of DON’Ts and a new aim: to try to be new. They may fail, but they will try.

Two thumbs up!

This Year I Will from Ian Haigh on Vimeo.

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  1. OH – ha that is brilliant! I was snorting with laughter by the time I got to “invisible pulley systems” oh boy us designers are a hilarious, and decidedly dorky bunch. (in a very cool way of course, eh hem).

  2. I will try not to… take photographs on my iphone to look like Lomo shots. Or manipulate photographs to look like miniature models :)

  3. I will try not to draw Bowie-style lightning bolts on everyone or everything.

  4. Sure hope this was ironic because their Vimeo production embodies quite a few overplayed design trends all by itself…!