A video on the current state of education and REDU. It stands for rethinking, reforming and rebuilding US education. Powered by people and technology, REDU is a movement designed to expand and encourage the national conversation around education reform by providing information and resources to learn, a community platform to connect, and tools and initiatives to act.

Following the belief that education will not be solved through a single bill passing or by policy makers alone, their goal is to create a destination where educators, parents, students, and everybody who cares about the issue have the means to engage in the ongoing conversations, be inspired by reform stories, and make a difference in their own way. It’s a platform for everyone.

(via bobulate)

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  1. Thank you for posting this… so, REDU, is presenting a HUGE art show in NYC next month… its called RE:FORM SCHOOL. Come down and check it out… we have 150+ artists… from swoon to andrew bannecker to shepard to chris johanson…. aaaand were running a contest for artists to join the fun… judges like the editor of art forum, the president of americans for the arts, russell simmons, rosario dawson, the photo director of Vogue… fun right!? the website is and we would love your support in getting it out there if you care to.

  2. Charming work. I love the USA Flag simplified to just 5 elements.

  3. Thanks for this post!
    Very interestingly!
    Very “clever” and kind video-clip!