I don’t know about you but I *love* the vintage feel and look of enamel signs. So, the idea of creating my own custom sign makes my heart beat faster. Ramsign is a small Danish company that specializes in making and selling classic enamel signs based upon original designs and techniques. I am tempted to get one done for our studio door with 612a on it.

Does anyone know of US based companies doing the same?

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  1. Winsor Fireform made an absolutely perfect enamel sign for me back in 2002. They’re in Washington state. They match Pantone colors!

  2. Far from the US, but in Amsterdam, Holland it’s very common ā€“ you find a lot of little sign shops who can make any classic or modern design. However I don’t know if any of them has discovered the internet…

  3. There is one company I know of which makes custom Euro license plates. That would be a good place to start looking considering they are the same type of material and process usually.
    I’ve seen a number of plates they have made and they are all excellent and made really well.

  4. I’m not sure about the US, but recently on a trip to Stockholm, I found a place in Gamla Stan that does these sorts of signs, but they’re quite unique, all handmade, and very characteristic. It was on Tyska Brinken near Skomakargatan. Nice, eccentric old man that owns the place and creates the signs.

  5. just found this post and thought you might like to know that I am currently holding a give-away for a house number sign from Ramsign!

    here’s the link http://thishomesweethome.blogspot.com/2011/04/house-number-give-way-by-ramsign-danish.html


  6. I have been making porcelain signs in Canada for over 20 years…….let me know what you want!